A Message from our 2019 OSEA President

Welcome to the Oregon State Elks Association

Are you ready? 2019-2020 is the time to GROW, REMEMBER and ACHIEVE. We can and we will do it, of that I’m sure. Thank you for allowing me to be your State President. Your love and support means everything to me.

Now is the time to go to work.
MEMBERSHIP because without it, we cannot serve our communities. We need new members, absolutely, but we have members we are losing. Reach out, invite those you haven’t seen in a while to a meeting or lodge event; call and check on your members. Maybe they need to be remembered after they paid their dues, bring them back. You will be surprised how much you missed them.

RITUAL is our heart and soul. Ritual is who we are. Every time you perform Ritual, you are renewing your obligation and reminds us of who we are. Please don’t ever forget! You are the Best People on Earth.

PROTOCOL is not a lost art. Each of us is given a Protocol Book. We have seminars on Protocol and then we go home and put it in a drawer and it’s forgotten. Don’t be embarrassed the next time you have a meeting, a dinner or a visitation. Get that Protocol Book out of the drawer and leave it out. You can also find it on our website under Member Resources>Manuals. It will tell you who to invite, where people should sit, introductions and what to expect. I promise it will make your life less stressful.

2019-2020 will be an exciting and challenging year for the Oregon State Elks. I ask you to open your hearts and minds, embrace the coming changes. Change is good but we all need to be on the same page. If you need help, there are people waiting and willing to help, just ASK.

Oregon Elks Children’s Eye Clinic is growing. Have you seen the new building? Wow. It is going up fast. I can’t wait for the miracles they will perform once the building is finished in the Spring or Summer of 2020. Please donate not only to the building fund, but keep making those beautiful quilts, donate to research, glasses or prosthetics. Keep having those fundraisers, golf tournaments; everything helps!

Meadowood Springs Speech and Hearing Camp is the “Magic on the Mountain.” If you have not been, put it on your Bucket List. The Blue Mountains are a special place for this incredible camp. Our children not only get the individual help they need, but get to experience camp, meet other children with special needs like themselves. What a gift we give these children. Come and see what you do.

I want to thank each and every one of you for giving me this opportunity. I will do my best to make it all happen, and with you by my side, we cannot fail.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Mary Williams
OSEA President

OSEA Officers

President – Mary Williams, S.E.

President-Elect – Kim Duty, N.W.

Two-Year Vice President – Richard Shipley, Metro

Three-Year Vice President – Ben Adams, S.C.

Four-Year Vice President – Nick Bettencourt, N.E.

Five-Year Vice President – Dan Buckholz, N.C.

Six-Year Vice President – Steve Malone, S.W.

Seven-Year Vice President – Julie Smith-Tittle, S.E.


Chair – Terry Brant, S.C.

Two-Year Trustee – Douglas Riggs, N.E.

Three-Year Trustee – Gary Miller, S.E.

Four-Year Trustee – Gilman Smith, S.W.

Five-year Trustee – Stephen May, N.C.

Six-Year Trustee – Edward Parmer, Metro

Seven-Year Trustee – Joyce Middleton, N.W.

Appointed Officers

Executive Secretary – Emma Pletz, Metro

Treasurer – Jim Doerfler, N.C.

Sergeant-at-Arms – Joe Snow, S.E.

Ass’t Sergeant-at-Arms – Paul “Lanny” Schulze, N.W.

Chaplain – Mike Finch, Metro

Inner Guard – Sharron deMontigny, S.C.

Ass’t Inner Guard – Laurie Flatt Roberge, N.E.

Tiler – Steve Armbruster, N.C.

Ass’t Tiler – Joel Buoy, S.W.

Organist – Dean Lemire, N.W.

Photographer – Tom Winters, S.E.