A Message from our 2018 OSEA President

Dear Oregon Members,

When I say it is an honor and privilege to serve this organization, these are not just words. The Elks have a long history of charity and generosity. So many people, disabled, disadvantaged and veterans among them, have had their lives improved through the charitable efforts of Elks over the years.

When visiting lodges around the state, it makes me proud to see the work being done for Oregon and beyond. Of particular interest to me is our state’s major project, the Elks Children’s Eye Clinic at OHSU. Whenever I visit the clinic, I am so impressed with what is being accomplished there. Just think of what will be accomplished once the new building is done. The Clinic holds a special place in my heart, as it does with others, as one of the many reasons I am an Elk. Your continued support to both of these projects is greatly appreciated.

As President, it is my goal to continue the vital effort to support our various causes and so many others, including schools, scholarships, first responders and disaster relief. In order to accomplish this, we must focus on membership recruitment and retention. Wherever we are in our daily lives, educate our communities about who the Elks are and what we do. Get the word out and increase our membership. All you have to do is ask someone if they would like to become an Elk. You might be surprised how many will say “Yes!” Once they are recruited, keep these new members involved by personal invitations to join events and committees. It’s important to continue to share with them the value of our work.

It is also my goal to preserve the history and tradition that I spoke of. I would like to see each lodge in the state gather photographs, the documents, the historical record of their lodge and compile it. Wouldn’t it be great to see some of these on our state website for others to see?

I look forward to the coming year and all that we can accomplish.

Herm Blum
OSEA President

OSEA Officers

President – Herm Blum, S.W.

President-Elect – Mary Williams, S.C.

Two-Year Vice President – Kim Duty, N.W.

Three-Year Vice President – Richard Shipley, Metro

Four-Year Vice President – Ben Adams, S.C.

Five-Year Vice President – Nick Bettencourt, N.E.

Six-Year Vice President – Dan Buckholz, N.C.

Seven-Year Vice President – Steve Malone, S.W.


Chair – Paul “Lanny” Schulze, N.W.

One-Year Trustee – Terry Brant, S.C.

Two-Year Trustee – Douglas Riggs, N.E.

Three-Year Trustee – Gary Miller, S.E.

Four-Year Trustee – Gilman Smith, S.W.

Five-year Trustee – Stephen May, N.C.

Six-Year Trustee – Edward Parmer, Metro

Seven-Year Trustee – Joyce Middleton, N.W.

Appointed Officers

Executive Secretary – Emma Pletz, Metro

Treasurer – Jim Doerfler, N.C.

Sergeant-at-Arms – Rocky King, S.W.

Ass’t Sergeant-at-Arms – Julie Smith-Tittle, S.E.

Chaplain – Charles “CJ” Noyes, N.W.

Inner Guard – Ron Beymer, Metro

Ass’t Inner Guard – Aaron Kitterman, S.C.

Tiler – Justin Hoeft, N.E.

Ass’t Tiler – Sue Sternes, N.C.

Organist – Joey Ngan, S.W.

Photographer – Patrick Stonier, S.W.