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mystery uniform1 mystery uniform2


portland uniform3A member of Milwaukie-Portland Lodge 142 found this vintage uniform in an antique store and couldn't pass up the opportunity for the Lodge to own it.

Now comes the question, "What was its purpose and which group wore it?" We know it wasn't part of the band as their uniforms were very different. The Drill Team we believe was a different color. We think it might have been a flag bearer's uniform because of the sash shown but can't be sure.  Is there anyone out there who can help us solve the mystery?

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At the annual OSEA Elks Children's Eye Clinic Open House, plans were announced for a new building funded by the Oregon Elks. A new freestanding Elks Children’s Eye Clinic will be made possible through a $15 million gifts from individual Elks members. 

Here is a video about the new Eye Clinic for your viewing.




"The Gift of Sight" is a video published by the OSHU Elks Children's Eye Clinic on the amazing work Elks have done in partnership with the clinic.  You can watch it here:

Thanks to generous support from the Oregon Elks, this year's screen program has found 1500 children this year who were referred by the Elks vision screening program. We have created a video for the parents called, "What to do if your child is referred by a vision screening program." Representative Williamson sponsored a bill called HB 3000 which mandates all children be screened before entered kindergarten.

More information and some great videos covering the screen program and HB 3000 can be found on the excellent website for the Elks Children's Eye Clinic