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Newport Elks Lodge #2105 Donates Dictionaries to Local Schools

Once again, the Newport Elks Lodge participated in the annual Dictionary Project, which is a program sponsored by the Grand Lodge Youth Activities Committee.  Past Exalted Ruler Marlene Williams coordinated the Lodge’s involvement, including ordering the dictionaries and arranging for their delivery to two local schools for use by third-grade students. Marlene and Past Exalted Ruler Robert May met with the staff of both the Sam Case Elementary School in Newport and the Crestview Heights School in Waldport to discuss the program and deliver the dictionaries.  Between the two schools, 240 dictionaries were made available to the students.  This included 72 for Crestview, 168 for Sam Case, plus 36 Spanish-English dictionaries for each school.

    The Dictionary Project was founded in 1995 by Mary French of Charleston, SC. It's primary focus is to promote literacy to children in third-grade as they transition from learning how to read to identify and use information. Elks joined this movement in 2004 and have donated more than 2 million dictionaries to third-grade students and their teachers as sponsors of The Dictionary Project since that time. With over 1,000 lodges participating, more than 8,000 schools have benefited from the program.  For the current lodge year (2014-2015), about 250 lodges have presented over 175,000 dictionaries to more than 2,200 schools.

    A dictionary’s usefulness goes beyond the spelling, pronunciation and definitions it lists.  It is also an aid for solving problems that arise as a child develops his or her reading, writing and creative thinking abilities.  Students benefit from an increase in self reliance and resourcefulness.  For many children it will be the first book that they have ever owned.  The dictionary edition that the Elks provide, “ A Student’s Dictionary” (Dictionary Project, Inc.) also contains additional valuable information for the students’ use, including a Table of Weights and Measures,  the Declaration of Independence,  the Constitution, Maps of Seven Continents, information on the 50 states, biographies of the U.S. Presidents, and facts about the Solar System.  As mentioned, the lodge also distributed Spanish-English dictionaries this year, an additional resource that was greatly appreciated by both schools.

2105 2014-Dictionary-Project
Pictured (from left) at Sam Case Elementary School in Newport is Sue McVeigh and Past Exalted Ruler Robert May. Sue, a former 3rd Grade Teacher, is the Lincoln County School District Title Reading Specialist. Note the boxes of dictionaries in the foreground.


OSEA WWII MemorialOregon’s WWII Memorial and the Elks:

On December 7, 1941 this country went to war. The war would last over 1,360 days and would cost at least 3,758 Oregonians their lives.

On June 6, 1944 men from all the states of the union stormed the beaches of Normandy. They came as liberators and not conquerors.

On June 6, 2014, the 70th anniversary of D-day, Oregon’s WWII memorial was dedicated. Veterans from Oregon have had to wait 70 years to correct an oversight and see the completion of their WWII memorial.

The Black granite wall with names of the fallen and the 33 foot tall obelisk stand as silent testament to all who lived and worked for our freedom during one of the darkest times in our history. The memorial has information not only about our war fighters but also the home fighters. Women who flew and delivered air planes, all those that worked the ship yards, and kept civilian life as normal as could be. New technology will allow visitors to access information on all the theaters of operation as well as activities at home in Oregon. 

"The Gift of Sight" is a video published by the OSHU Elks Children's Eye Clinic on the amazing work Elks have done in partnership with the clinic.  You can watch it here:

Thanks to generous support from the Oregon Elks, this year's screen program has found 1500 children this year who were referred by the Elks vision screening program. We have created a video for the parents called, "What to do if your child is referred by a vision screening program." Representative Williamson sponsored a bill called HB 3000 which mandates all children be screened before entered kindergarten.

More information and some great videos covering the screen program and HB 3000 can be found on the excellent website for the Elks Children's Eye Clinic 


M 10035Dan Lowe - OSEA President


I would like to thank the Past State Presidents and Steve May for being in charge of the installation of the State Officers.


The Honorable James Damon, Past State President and Past Grand Exalted Ruler, for being the installing Officer and your lovely wife, D.J.; thank you both.


Grand Exalted Ruler Michael Zellen, we are honored to have you and your lovely wife Donna with us for the 100th Convention.


Thank you North Central for electing me as your Vice President four years ago.


I would like to thank the members of the Oregon State Elks for the privilege and honor to serve the great State of Oregon as your State Elks President.



I will serve you to the best of my ability and do the best job I can in representing the Oregon State Elks these years. This is not about me as President but it is going be about the Oregon State Elks. I represent every District and every Elk in the State.




Charity is what the Elks are all about; the JOLLY CORKS started the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks because of the need for a Charity Organization. 


You say Charity should start at home; yes, I agree but if you meet your Grand Lodge Elks National Foundation per capita, and apply for every grant that is available for you, what you could do for your community would be far more than any other organization.


We need to support our Charities. Our State major project is the Oregon Elks Children’s Eye Clinic Visual program; we are so privileged to be able to continue doing what the Elks have done for years for the children in this State.


The new Oregon Elks Children’s Eye Clinic building will have our name on it when finished, but to do so we must raise the 5 million that is needed to finish our commitment.


Oregon Veterans will always be one of our top priorities.


Our youth are our future; some day they will be the ones that will be moving the Oregon State Elks forward.  Some of our Youth programs:


  • Scholarships, we are second only to the Federal Government
  • Hoop Shoot
  • Americanism
  • Drug Awareness
  • Meadowood Springs
  • Scouting
  • Local kid’s sports
  • The Youth programs go on and on; we have Lodges that raise money for non-funded sports, music, drama and etc.

Christmas baskets; food drives are some of the things that we do for our community, it never stops.


I can hear you; we should be talking about membership. I am, if you do your Charities and publicize what you are doing, the community will know what the Oregon State Elks is all about, not just a restaurant and lounge, you will be marketing your Lodge and you will see membership growth.


This year’s profit from the President’s lapel pin donations will go to the Elks Children’s Visual Program.




I want to thank our friends and Elks member from out of State for attending our 100th Convention.

Also our extended family, The Oregon Elks Members, you have been a blessing to Jan and myself with your support and comfort this last year. Thank you so much.


Dan Lowe               Jan Lowe

OSEA President       1st Lady