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mystery uniform1 mystery uniform2


portland uniform3A member of Milwaukie-Portland Lodge 142 found this vintage uniform in an antique store and couldn't pass up the opportunity for the Lodge to own it.

Now comes the question, "What was its purpose and which group wore it?" We know it wasn't part of the band as their uniforms were very different. The Drill Team we believe was a different color. We think it might have been a flag bearer's uniform because of the sash shown but can't be sure.  Is there anyone out there who can help us solve the mystery?

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Corvallis Lodge #1413 is pleased to share that 15 new members were initiated last night, including 4 married couples. The lodge also welcomed 2 reinstatements and 2 transfer during the month of February.


To make the evening especially meaningful for the new members, State President Jim Alameda, South Central VP Lisette Spencer, State Sargeant At Arms Pam Taylor and State Photographer Lisa Pinter were visiting for the evening.


corvallis initiation

Oregon Elks2


I am pleased to share that a new state brochure will premiere at the state convention in April. The brochure showcases how Elks began, what Elks do, how to become an Elk and more. It also features our state projects and the benefits of becoming an Elk. Though it is a fairly generic, it can be personalized by each lodge. There is a space on the back where lodges can personalize the brochure, and where they can post their lodge information. I believe this brochure will be a great tool for promoting membership in the future.


I have had the pleasures of visiting a number of lodges during this past year, meeting with district and lodge PR chairs. John and I appreciate the warmth and friendliness we received everywhere we went, and we hope to venture out more in the coming year to more lodges. I am committed to helping Elks grow and will do all I can to get the word out - Elks Care Elks Share.


Sharron de Montigny
OSEA Public Relations Chair

oregon capital

June 9, 2017 is the date of the next Elks Day at the Capitol. We will once again have a space in front of the Capitol for the Drug Awareness trailer and have the same place in the Capitol Galleria for our lodge displays. More details will be shared as we get closer to that date.


Any questions contact Ginny Van Loo OSEA Chairman of Government Relations



At the annual OSEA Elks Children's Eye Clinic Open House, plans were announced for a new building funded by the Oregon Elks. A new freestanding Elks Children’s Eye Clinic will be made possible through a $15 million gifts from individual Elks members. 

Here is a video about the new Eye Clinic for your viewing.