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May 24, 2018


Dear Conventioneers,

The National Convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas, July 1st through July 4th, 2018, with the Oregon Delegation housed at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio, 600 East Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205. The convention and exhibits of State Associations will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, 200 East Market Street which is adjacent to the hotel. The Ritual Contest will also be held at the Convention Center.  

Pre-registration for the convention is suggested in order for you to save $10 and avoid long lines at the Convention Center. The registration fee is $50.00 per member if you pay in advance. It is now open and closes on June 24 to register online. You may do this by going to: elks.org. After signing in, look under the “Members Only” tab at the top and click on National Convention. Click on Pre-registration on the drop-down menu at the left and the form is all ready for you to go! If you pay registration when you arrive, it will be $60.00 per member plus waiting in long lines. If your spouse is a member, they must also pay the $50.00/$60.00 fee. Be sure to have your Elk membership card, picture ID and receipt with you in order to pick up your credentials!

The Convention Center will be open during the following hours:

Registration:                                                                         Exhibits:

Saturday, June 30       8:00 AM to 4:15 PM                         Saturday, June 30       8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Sunday, July 1                        8:00 AM to 3:45 PM                         Sunday, July 1                        8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Monday, July 2          7:30 AM to 3:45 PM                         Monday, July 2          7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Tuesday, July 3          7:30 AM to 1:00 PM                         Tuesday, July 3          7:30 AM to 2:00 PM



The 150th Anniversary Celebration will be SUNDAY from 4-6 pm at the Convention Center. There will be a huge celebration party following the opening celebration where food and drinks will be available for purchase.

The Grand Lodge Sessions start promptly at 8:00 AM Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention CenterProper attire at all Business Sessions (Mon-Wed) for the Oregon Delegates is OREGON GREEN.

The big Social Event is the Grand Ball honoring Grand Exalted Ruler Michael Luhr on Tuesday evening, July 3, from 7:00 to 11:00 PM at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio.  All Elks and their spouses are invited; admission is by your registration badge.  Let’s have a good turnout from Oregon for this event.  Dress is FORMAL. Everyone should go, even if for a short time. It’s part of the experience and shouldn’t be missed!

Ritual Competition will be at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.


to determine what the dress codes mean - attached)



Sunday, July 1 - During the morning and early afternoon will be a great time to use your City Sightseeing Hop-On, Hop-Off pass to explore San Antonio.

Monday, July 2After sessions, you can continue to explore San Antonio. For those that have chosen to attend (invitation only, see Eager Pins flyer) the celebration for the incoming Grand Exalted Ruler Mike Luhr of Alaska, that is scheduled from 5-7 pm (approx.) in the evening.

Tuesday, July 3 - We will enjoy dinner atop the Tower of the Americas close to the hotel. There will be shuttle service available for those who choose not to walk. You are encouraged to attend the ball after dinner.

Wednesday, July 4 - We will be having dinner at the historic Menger Hotel next to the Alamo. Be sure to look at all the historic display cases and pictures! It is of the era of Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders!


Saturday, June 30:

  • 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM – The Hospitality Room will be open for Oregon Members only. Stop by, relax, and visit with your fellow Oregon Elks! It will be hosted by your state officers. Of course, we will welcome any out-of-state guests that might stop by!

Sunday, July 1:

  • Enjoy San Antonio during the day and the huge evening festivities planned by Grand Lodge which will be food, bars and “ReCreation and Lt. Dan Band” with Gary Sinise for entertainment.

Monday, July 2:

  • 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM - Southeast & Northwest Districts.  Hosted by Brad Lovrien & Deanna, Wes Hodge & Rebecca and the Exalted Rulers and spouses from their districts.

Tuesday, July 3:

  • 2:00 PM to 5:00 PMSouthwest & Northeast District. Hosted by Scott & Retta Harvey, Tina & Doug Potter and the Exalted Rulers and spouses from their districts.

Wednesday, July 4:

  • 2:00 PM to 5:00 PMNorth Central, South Central & Metro District. Hosted by Blake Whitson, Terry & Carole Layman, Chuck & Kay Dangerfield and the Exalted Rulers and spouses from their districts.


If your Lodge is sending anything for giveaways in the Headquarters/Hospitality Room, please hang on to them until it’s your time to host. If possible, please bring your items with you or send them with someone who is driving. The state office will NOT pay for shipping or storage. If you are shipping, send them to: Your Name, c/o Grand Hyatt San Antonio, 600 East Market Street, Ste 347, San Antonio, TX 78205. You can pick them up at the Fed Ex office in the hotel There will be extra fees charged for receiving and storage. You also need to know that the hotel DOES NOT ALLOW any microwaves, crock pots or hot plates in the rooms.


The complete Grand Lodge Program will be published in the June Issue of the Elks Magazine. We want you to enjoy yourself in San Antonio; of course, this is after you have attended each and every Business Session of the Grand Lodge. Make sure to schedule your activities so they do not conflict with any Grand Lodge Program.

There will also be various seminars held which are very informative. They will be scheduled on Sunday as early as 9:00 AM and following General Sessions on Monday and Tuesday. The schedule should be on the elks.org website starting in May. This is a good opportunity to get insight and ideas on different committees and issues.

I am looking forward to a fun-filled trip to San Antonio!! 


Emma Pletz, Executive Secretary

Oregon State Elks Association



                         FORMAL DRESS     SUNDAY AFTERNOON – OPENING SESSION                                                                                                                                TUESDAY NIGHT – GRAND BALL

Exalted Rulers:  Green Coat, White Shirt/Blouse, Black Pants/Skirt,

Black Shoes & Socks or Nylons and Long Black Tie/Scarf.

Spouses:  Long or Short Formal Oregon Green Dress,

Black Skirt/Pants, Sport Coat/Shirt/Tie.


The Memorial Service will also be held at the Opening Session. We will all try to sit together at Opening Session as a group. I will try to get someone to help direct you to where Oregon is sitting as you come in.



Exalted Rulers: Green Coat, White Shirt/Blouse, Beige/tan/khaki Pants/Skirt,

Brown Shoes & Socks/nylons, Long Black Tie/Scarf.




Exalted Rulers:  Oregon (Green colored) Shirt, Beige/tan/khaki Pants/Skirt, or Capris (at least knee length).

Spouses: Oregon (Green colored) Shirt, Beige/tan/khaki Skirts/Slacks/Capris.


Athletic shoes are OK for casual dress.