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July 15th Gateway Elks Lodge joined in the summer fun of Alders School Sun program, to end the first week with some fun and treats. With the help of two grants from the Elks National Foundation Gateway Elks Lodge provided some much needed relief to the summer program at Alder School. Gateway Elks Lodge used half of the grant money to buy lunch for the kids and families to kick off summer, stacks and stacks of snacks for them to have over the summer and darn near a truck load of new and gently used kids’ clothes and shoes to fill up the clothes closet. With the other half of the grant money Gateway Elks lodge was able to purchase much needed sporting equipment including, but not limited to, Soccer goals, soccer balls, volleyball nets and balls, footballs, basket balls, track equipment and even tops to wear to make teams. Gateway Elks lodge also provided the Sun program with a new washer and dryer as members of the lodge had heard that they program had no way of washing donated clothing and because of that some items had to be tossed at one point because of some bug issues. Gateway Elks lodge and the Alder School have had a long going and growing relationship that started years ago with the dictionaries for 3rd graders program and has grown and changed over the years.


The Elks are proud of the amount of money and time they give to charities all over Oregon but there is something about being face to face with these sweet kids that makes it so worth it. Gateway Elks was proud and honored when the kids gave back. This year the kids made a big painting to honor the diversity of the Sun program and the Healthy Food and Snack plus the sporting equipment the lodge gave them. Gateway Elks lodge will be honored to hang this picture in our new lodge building on 162nd in Stark as a welcome to our new community.