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Betty Hise for Cancer Research, Inc.





As director of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, I talk with cancer patients every day. I listen to their stories. I hear their worries. We can't ask patients to be patient. They need answers today.

We all must join together to make the tragedy of cancer a memory, a part of our past. And those answers are out there, waiting to be discovered. It's critical that we continue to find better ways to detect, treat and prevent cancer. Your support is essential in making the next discovery.

Your contributions enable the testing of new cancer therapies, help secure equipment needed in research laboratories, provide seed funding for promising young researchers, help develop new cancer treatments, and allow us to rapidly implement new findings for cancer patients. We all must join together to end cancer as we know it. Every gift is important to the noble work of stopping cancer.

A world free of suffering from cancer is no longer an impossible dream. With your support, our children may live to see it.

Brian Druker, M.D.
Director, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
JELD-WEN Chair for Leukemia Research
Associate Dean for Oncology, OHSU School of Medicine