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  • The Youth Activities Committee Program Manual (YACPM), and periodic Grand Lodge Amendments are excellent resources for youth activities.  They are a great place to start but should be viewed as a guideline and in no way limiting.  You can run your program(s) however you like.  The teenager of the month is a good example. 

    There are five basic elements of an effective student/teenager recognition program - school involvement, the nomination process, the selection process, the award, and publicity.  School involvement is the key to a successful program.  But, the other elements must be in place, or at least decided upon, before approaching the school (s).   

    The YACPM recommends that the school select and submit the student/teenager of the month.  But, this works if there is only one school in your lodge’s area, you’ve chosen to only recognize students from one school or, you will give out awards for multiple schools.  At Gateway, there are eight public and private high schools in our area.  We’ve found the best way is to notify the schools of our program and how to apply.  We also have a great website that has information on the program and a simple online nomination process.   There is also a downloadable form that may be printed and mailed or dropped off.  The website is www.gatewayelks.com under honored youth. 

  • veteramFlorence Elks Lodge #1858 recently donated $1,000 from their Veterans Fund to the Disabled American Veterans Chapter #23 to help in the purchase of a van to be used to transport veterans to their medical appointments. Florence Elks and community volunteers donate in excess of 4,000 hours and drive in excess of 100,000 miles yearly, ranging from Portland to Eugene/Springfield to Roseburg, Bandon, and Newport. Those needing transportation do not need to be Elks, only that they are veterans who have given of themselves to the defense of freedom, whenever and wherever that may have been.
  • Kids BackpackL-R Marilyn Barba, Chairwoman Women's Ministry, Julie Brown, Exalted Ruler, holding backpack, Deb Williams, Women's Ministry Board Member

    Backpack food itemsFood items given to at-risk kids

    Florence Elks Lodge #1858 donated $1,000 from its Youth Activities Fund to the Florence Crossroads Church Women's Ministry for their Food Backpack for Kids program. This program provides at-risk children with backpacks filled with nutritious, prepackaged food that provides three ready-to-eat meals a day for the weekends during the school year. Backpacks are privately distributed by the grade school office to the most at-risk children. Only the school administrative staff know the identity of the recipients. The need for weekend meals is close to 60 students.

    This donation was made possible by a Gratitude Grant from the Elks National Foundation. Florence Lodge became eligible for this grant after reaching the Grand Lodge standard for donations to the Foundation. The Florence Elks Lodge Ladies of Elks contributed a matching donation of $1,000.

    Florence Elk Lodge #1858 and the Ladies of Elks are proud to be able to contribute to this worthy program that does so much for our at-risk youth.

  • OSEA Drug Awareness donation Stayton PDPictured are, from left to right: OSEA Drug Awareness Chairman Guy Smith, OSEA Vice President Joe Marovich, Stayton PD K-9 handler in waiting, Officer Paul Eves, Stayton PD Sgt. Charlie Button and Silverton Exalted Ruler Chuck Leonard.

    The Silverton Elks Lodge #2210 heard a local police department was holding a fundraiser to purchase their first drug dog and made arrangements with the Oregon State Elks Association Drug Awareness Committee to make a donation. In March, the Lodge brought OSEA and the Stayton Police Department together where a check for $2500.00 was given to police department.

    Stayton Police have been working nearly a year to raise the needed funds and this donation helped them reach their goal and the new dog is expected to arrive in May.

  • Lots of money coming to Oregon. Why? Because some Lodges are doing their part.  Three Lodges are receiving Impact Grants that total to somewhere between $20 to 30 thousand. Only one Lodge received the Impact Grant for the first two years, then 2, then 3 this year. Sixteen Lodges have made their per capita and can claim $2000 each for their communities. Some Lodges have applied for and received $2000 each for their youth projects. Both the State projects, Children’s Casey Eye Clinic and Meadowood each receive money from Elks National Foundation. Money is given for Drug dogs or other projects. In the past few years, Oregon has received from $1.85-1.95 back for every $14. donated.

    It is now time for the 38 Lodges that have not achieved their per capita of $4.50 to step up and do their part. It has been nice that you can ride the bandwagon with the Lodges that do their part, but it is now time for you to pay for your ticket to ride on the wagon too. Show some pride in your Lodge. It may be too late to get a Promise Grant or Impact Grant, BUT, it is not too late to get your $2000 Gratitude Grant to help your community. Some Lodges do not even have to put $2000 in to ENF to get back the $2000.
    So what is the problem?
    If you need help, ideas, or other questions, please feel free to contact me. We are 9th in membership in the nation, but for some reason we end up 20-30th in the nation for donations. Please step up and do your part now.

    Thank you,

    Lou Kolkhorst, PER

    OSEA ENF Chairman
    1433 N 13th St
    CoosBay, Or 97420
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    (541) 266-8300 Home
    (541) 290-2060 Cell

    There shouldn’t be a reason you can’t contact me and there shouldn’t be a reason you don’t make your per capita.

  • Media_Photo_FlagsMemorial flags were placed on the graves of 252 departed members of Seaside Elks Lodge.This year marked the 40th time flags have been placed. The tradition was begun in 1972 by Exalted Ruler Clem Paulsen.This year’s crew consisted of eleven Elks members. The leader, Larry Johnson, was a member of the original group which included Phil Hingston, Cliff Basche, Herman Beaver and Dick Walsborn.


    Summer Convention 2011

    Amendment No. 1, April 29, 2011

    Proposed by:     Visual Committee

    ARTICLE VI, Section 24.  Visual Committee

    The First Sentence of the Third Paragraph Now Reads:   The Committee shall have complete charge of the Visually Handicapped Children’s Program cooperatively with the Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon School for the Blind and other programs promoting the visual health of children of Oregon…

    The First Sentence of the Third Paragraph is Amended to Read:   The Committee shall have complete charge of the Oregon State Elks Children’s Visual Program cooperatively with the Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon School for the Blind and other programs promoting the visual health of children of Oregon…   NOTE: Amendments are indicated by underlining.

    PURPOSE OF THE AMENDMENT: To change the name of the OSEA Visual Program.

    Amendment No. 2, April 29, 2011
    Proposed by:   Board of Trustees

    ARTICLE VI COMMITTEES:  Add Section 36:   Advisory Committee to the Board of Trustees

    New Section 36 To Read:


    The advisory committee to the Board of Trustees shall consist of all Past Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  Such committee shall study and report on such problems as shall be referred to them by the Board of Trustees.  The immediate Past Chairman of the Board shall be Chairman of the Committee.  (4-29-2011)

    PURPOSE OF THE AMENDMENT: To provide an advisory committee to the Board of Trustees consisting of past Chairmen of the Board of Trustees.

    Amendment No. 3, April 29, 2011
    Proposed by:   Ad Hoc Children’s Eye Clinic Liaison Committee

    ARTICLE VI COMMITTEES: Add a new fourth paragraph to Section 24. Visual Committee

    Amended Section 24 To Read:

    Section 24.  VISUAL COMMITTEE

    This committee shall consist of seven (7) members including the Chairman with one (1) from each district.

    Each member shall be appointed to a term of from one to seven years.  New appointments made by the President to implement this legislation shall be staggered so that the term of two members of the committee shall expire each year, but the expiring terms shall be from different Districts.  The Chairman of the committee shall be a member selected by the President.

    The committee shall have complete charge of the Visually Handicapped Children’s Program conducted cooperatively with the Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon School for the Blind and other programs promoting the visual health of children of Oregon. Policies shall be subject to the approval of the Association. The treasurer of the Oregon State Elks Association shall maintain a separate accounting of the funds received and disbursed for this program through contributions of the subordinate lodges or otherwise, with disbursement paid out only at the direction of the visual committee and approval of the Board of Trustees of the Oregon State Elks Association. Any donation made for a specific piece of equipment shall be held by the treasurer and disbursed only when sufficient money for the purchase of that piece of equipment has been accumulated. In the event any specific piece of equipment for which funds are being accumulated has not been purchased within five years of the designated donation, then this money shall be transferred to the E.Y.E.S. Inc. on the following June 10th. Surplus funds may be invested as provided by ARTICLE V, Section 11, of the Association Bylaws. (4-25-03)

    In addition, an ad hoc committee called the Elks Children’s Eye Clinic Liaison Committee, consisting of 5 members shall be appointed by the State Sponsor.  The sole purpose of this committee shall be to act on behalf of the Oregon State Elks Association as the exclusive source for establishing the policies and procedures for, and providing supervision to, the person acting as liaison between the Oregon States Elks Association and the Oregon Health & Science University. The committee members shall be members of member lodges of the Oregon State Elks Association.  (4-29-2011)

    Amendment No. 4,April 29, 2011
    Proposed by:   Board of Trustees

    ARTICLE V OFFICERS:  Section 4. Selection of Officers.

    Now Reads:


    (a)         President: The incumbent Vice-President shall automatically succeed to the office of the President after service his term as First Vice-President.
    (b)        Vice-President: The Vice-President shall be elected annually from among the membership of the Oregon State Elks Association.  Each District in the State shall be represented by election of a State Vice-President on a rotation basis in the following order.
    1.   Oregon Southwest District                 5.   Oregon South Central District
    2.   Oregon Northeast District                  6.   Oregon North Central District
    3.   Oregon Southeast District                  7.   Oregon Metro District
    4.   Oregon Northwest District
    (c)         District Vice-President: Each District of the Oregon State Elks Association shall be entitled to one District Vice-President, who shall be elected by delegates from Lodges in that District.
    (d)        Officers-at-Large: The Executive Secretary and the Treasurer shall be appointed annually by the Board of Trustees and the President.
    (e)         Trustees:  The Board of Trustees shall consist of one (1) Trustee from each of the Districts of Oregon and shall be elected annually by the delegates from Lodges of the Association from that district.  The rotation to the position of Chairman of the Board shall be as follows:  Oregon Northwest District, Oregon Northeast District; Oregon Southwest District; Oregon Southeast District; Oregon South Central District; Oregon North Central District and Oregon Metro District. (5-4-91)
    (f)         Appointive Offices:  The President, immediately after he assumes office, shall appoint the Sergeant-at-Arms, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Chaplain, Tiler, Inner Guard, Assistant Inner Guard, and Organist for a term on one (1) year.  Each District Vice-President shall submit for appointment a candidate for one of the appointive office1858 ustcbsual health of childandidate for">ir
    4.r />Now (2frd of Tra  <       Guayortheast rotrict;l consisail 29, 2011
    Proposed bygeant-at-Aru/>Propostrict in the State shall be re eilliispla committeetion shall be entitledgeant-at-Aruu Soiisplanext Now (3frd of Tra  :  Tan cvaBoacx; ccu: 23seceicribe
    Appointive Offices:  The Preside6xclusiveval of theer he assumes office, shall appoint the Sergeant-at-Arms, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Chaplain, Tiler, In11nt="tledgeant-at-Arah of childandidate forr /> 3. o as 29,erred to toll submit 11mmendPast Chtment aDistrict Vich of childandidate foro a="tledgeant-at-Arg>:  Tro Di />(c)Otrllyl,
    Aprime, ChnPre> Lodz1">Flon s:eCentew fourthSral Distrrotati. In tplanin: 5utorth CciaSral Distw fourthwest Dirotrict;. In tplatorth ChnPraLaroembe; Oregn, Oregon N="tledgeant-at-Arw fou priv Ministryt privtion sha,iae  Oregond pe>Section 24.dCommhe-mu   Archiv(3ff the f/>Hits: 436

    Appointive Offices:  The Presidxclusiv7eval of theer he assumes office, shall appoint the Sergeant-at-Arms, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Chaplain, Tiler, Inng>Pvtion ssociatioh of childandidate foro adericoerred to toll submit 2mmendPast Chtment aDistrict Vichandidate fortion swest Dirotrict;reta PreFICER District.Northly: m Guard, Assist ChnPrtion shall be entitledgeant-at-AruNorthly: mnt-at-Artheaembers Guard, Assist ChnPrers nt-at-Arut privtrict 4.   ictHit as ich, S Ass State titledgeant-at-Aru />Pr Pvl to sst Dst Chtmentmoposi donated $retflgon gea/p> eicowhiltAppointive Offices:  The Presid 8xclusiveval of theer he assumes office, shall appoint t Guayortheast ras, Assiof childandidt-at-ArmXt tOFOmbr />Toioh of childandidate forestablishing the pe foro astrict in the State shall be Otroan sspan>,ART1)Toioaddhtment">Pr eicotrong>Toioction 11Toiu /> money fortion 1ilrposi by:   as ich, unr Drue1"con"or th shall money f />Toiocby: trict;re butc Apro. 4span>
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